When is the last time that you brought your pet to your veterinarian in Staten Island for a health check up? Your cat or dog should be having a regular health check up every year, even if they seem completely healthy.

Reasons Why A Check Up With a Veterinarian in Staten Island Is Important for Your Pet

Why are checkups so important for pets? Here are a few reasons:

Early Detection

When you take your cat or dog to your veterinarian in Staten Island to have a check up, the vet will perform exams and tests which will screen for common health problems including dental disease, diabetes, heart murmur, etc. Your pet could be developing one of these problems but not showing any serious symptoms yet, so catching the disease early could really improve their chances of recovery.

Your Pet Won’t Tell You If Something’s Wrong

Your dog or cat can’t talk to you and tell you that he is developing arthritis or having problems hearing out of one ear, so your pet could be having a problem for months without you knowing. In fact, animals have a survival instinct which makes them do their best to hide any sign of weakness or illness. Often animals will mask their symptoms until they are very ill and in pain and can’t do it anymore. A vet check up will reveal any health problems your dog or cat has not revealed to you.


Yearly checkups are also important so that your pet can get their required vaccinations. These vaccinations protect your pet from dangerous diseases including rabies, feline leukemia and more. Talk to your veterinarian in Staten Island about which vaccines are right for your pet.

Last but not least, visiting the vet every year will make the experience more familiar for your pet so that your furry friend sees it as a normal event and not something to be afraid of. With regular checkups, your animal companion will live a longer and healthier life.

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