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You’ve had a canine companion for quite some time now, but you are now expecting a child. How will your dog react to the new tiny member of the household? Many new parents are worried about their dog interacting with the baby, but with proper training and advice from your Staten Island animal doctor there really is nothing to worry about. Before the baby arrives, you can talk to your Staten Island animal doctor for some tips on how to introduce the dog to a new baby and encourage the right behavior.

Before the Baby Arrives

Long before your due date arrives, think about your particular dog’s temperament and how it will likely react. If your dog tends to be territorial or aggressive, your baby might be at risk. In this situation, if you don’t have the time and resources to train this behavior out of the dog your best solution might be to donate it to a reputable animal sanctuary. Ask your Staten Island animal doctor for some specific advice on your dog’s temperament.

Of course, most dogs will be fine to stay, so to help them adjust you can start altering your routine months in advance of the due date in order to get the dog ready for what life will be like after the baby is born.

It might seem really strange, but you can help your dog get used to the idea with a baby doll that you pretend is real. Take it out for walks with the dog in the stroller, hold it, rock it and dress it. Whenever the dog behaves well around the baby you can reward her.

After Baby is Born

When the baby is born, you can take home a blanket from the hospital a few days before the baby comes home, to get your dog used to the scent.

Before bringing the baby into the house, take the dog for a long walk so that she is calm and submissive. Act calm and authoritative and allow the dog to sniff the baby, but only at a respectful distance. Teach the dog to respect the baby as another pack leader and she and the little one will be best friends forever. For more training tips call your Staten Island animal doctor.

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