Puppy and Kitten Care – Staten Island, NY Animal Hospital

puppy & Kitten care in staten islandThere is nothing more exciting than bringing a new puppy or kitten into your home. But soon after you bring your new pet home, you should find a good place to take your new pet to keep him or her healthy. Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital, a Staten Island Cat Hospital and a Staten Island Dog Hospital, wants to do everything possible to ensure that you have a long and happy life together. Young animals are much like human babies — they need to be given special care if they are to be healthy and grow. Their immune systems are still young and growing, so it’s important for them to be protected against serious and deadly conditions.

Give yourself and your new pet a few days to get acquainted, and then bring your pet into a cat hospital Staten Island such as Pleasant Plains to have their first veterinarian visit. The visit will include:

  • A comprehensive physical examination of your puppy or kitten (be sure to bring medical records or adoption papers with you)
  • Your puppy or kitten’s first vaccinations and the development of a vaccination schedule
  • Testing for intestinal parasites and de-worming (we suggest you bring in a fresh stool sample, less than 8 hours old)
  • Testing for viruses in kittens: Feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus
  • Beginning heartworm preventive and parasite control medication
  • Discussion about nutrition: what and how much to feed
  • Information about behavior and what to expect or modify (including house training for puppies)
  • Discussion about the advantages of microchips for your pet

New owners should plan to bring their pets back to the dog hospital Staten Island for vaccination boosters in the first few months of ownership, usually 3 to 4 weeks apart. Unless you plan on breeding your pet, it is recommended he or she undergo spay or neuter surgery between 4 and 6 months of age. For more information, read this AAHA article Benefits of Spaying and Neutering.

Our goal is to ensure that your pet’s first visit to Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital is a positive one. Establishing a cooperative relationship between you and our veterinary health care team will go a long way toward a happy, healthy life for your animal companion.