You come home from work and find your feline friend lounging on the couch. You go over to pet her when you notice that her eye is becoming swollen and red. What could be going on and how can you help your beloved pet?

Eye Care Tips From Your Cat Hospital Staten Island

If your cat is suffering from eye problems, the first thing that you should do is contact your cat hospital Staten Island. They will be able to help you determine what is wrong with your cat’s eye and the best way to treat it.

For example, if the cat’s eyes are red and swollen it might be a sign of conjunctivitis. However, if the eye looks watery and cloudy this might be a sign of keratitis.

Eye Treatments

Many of the most common cat eye disorders that result in swelling can be treated with drops that can be prescribed by your vet. Go to your cat hospital Staten Island and they will give you the right treatment for your cat’s ailment. They will also show you how to apply the drops yourself at home in order to treat your cat correctly.

Preventing Eye Problems in the Future

Once your cat goes through the pain of an eye infection once, you will want to prevent them from getting another one in the future. Make sure that your cat has received all of its vaccinations and has had thorough check-ups. Take a close look at her eyes regularly and call your cat hospital Staten Island if you find any abnormalities.

You can also wipe away any tears and crusty gunk that has collected on your cat’s eyes with a damp cloth or a cotton ball. Wipe away from the corner of the eye and use a fresh cloth or cotton ball for each eye.

It is important to get the right eye treatment for your cat right away, as eye conditions that are left untreated can cause your cat to suffer from blindness or impaired sight. Contact your cat hospital Staten Island if you have any questions about your cat’s eye health.

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