A 2011 study by the Associate for Pet Obesity Prevention found that over 50 percent of cats were either overweight or obese. At our Staten Island veterinarian office, we sometimes see cats that are at a very unhealthy weight. Does your feline fit into this category?

Our cats become overweight for the same reasons that we do; because they eat too much and don’t get enough exercise. Indoor cats are especially prone to obesity because they don’t get as much activity in their day to day lives as cats that are let outside to run around.

Obesity is just as dangerous for cats as it is or humans. When they are overweight, they are more likely to suffer from heart problems and arthritis as well as being more likely to develop diabetes.

Healthy Cat Tips from Your Staten Island Veterinarian

The first step to helping your obese kitty is to have a physical exam performed at your Staten Island veterinarian. The vet will take a weight measurement and take blood and urine tests to check your feline for any health problems. They will make sure that the thyroid hormone levels are normal and that the cat is not suffering from any metabolic or physical dysfunction.

The next step is to change your cat’s diet. Your Staten Island veterinarian will likely prescribe a restricted calorie diet and will advise you to feed your cat regular small measured meals two or three times per day rather than having a large bowl of food out for your cat to eat from 24/7.

The other component to helping your cat lose weight is exercise. Cats love to play and to get them energized you will want to tap into their predator prey instinct. Dangle a piece of string or roll a ping pong ball around the floor so that your cat will pounce on it.

Above all, a healthy weight loss programme for your cat should be designed with the help of your Staten Island veterinarian, because losing weight too quickly can also be dangerous. With the right strategies and some time and attention, your fat cat will be a slimmer and much healthier feline.

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