What is that horrible rotten dead smell? You have let your dog in from playing outside and he smells like he has jumped headfirst into a pile of rotting manure or decomposing rodents. You are gagging from the scent, but your dog has a huge grin on his face and is obviously pleased at his fortune for finding such a smell mess to coat himself with. Why in the world does your dog do this?Scientists are not 100% sure where the origin of the smelly stuff rolling behavior comes from, but they have some theories. To learn more about dog behavior, contact your veterinarian NYC.

The Theories about this Behavior

Some think that this behavior is an evolutionary trait that helped dogs to communicate with each other when they were living in the wild. If a dog found a food source he would roll in it so that he could carry the scent back to the pack to share the information with others.

Another theory is that wild dogs would roll in animal carcasses or the droppings from herbivorous animals, in order to disguise their own smell from prey when hunting.

Yet another theory is that since a dog’s sense of smell is so many times more sensitive than ours, they are able to enjoy subtle nuances and elements of putrid smells that we can’t appreciate. Perhaps your dog is a connoisseur of yucky things and is simply savoring a fine bouquet of nasty scents.

Since this behavior is instinctual, you shouldn’t punish your dog for it. However, there are ways that you can discourage it. Ask your veterinarian NYC for dog training techniques .

Keep your dog on a short leash while on a walk so that he cannot roll in disgusting things and clean up any dead animals or dog droppings in your backyard right away so that your dog won’t be tempted. Ask your veterinarian NYC for more dog care tips.

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