Have you noticed a strange behavior when you are cuddling with your furry feline friend? He will gently press his paws against you, one by one as if he were a baker kneading a lump of bread dough. This behavior is quite distinctive and it can be seen in all cats, from grown up cats to kittens.

The truth of the matter is that this behavior has never been totally explained by scientists or by your Staten Island cat hospital. There are plenty of theories as to why cats do this and none of them mean that your cat is ill or troubled, so there is no need to bring it to the Staten Island cat hospital if it is performing a kneading motion on you.

Memories of Mother’s Milk

One theory is that cats perform this motion because they remember nursing for milk from their mothers. When they were kittens, they would knead the mother’s teats to squeeze the milk out. It is thought that this behavior is a throwback to their kitten nursing days and is performed when a cat feels safe and loved.

Creating a Soft Bed

Some veterinarians and cat scientists also have a theory as to why cats will knead their bedding before they lie down. When cats lived in the wild they used to knead the grass and dirt on the ground in order to create a soft place to lie down.

If your cat is kneading you, it is generally a sign that they are very contented and happy, so take it as a compliment! However, it can sometimes hurt if your kitty friend digs in with their nails! If your cat does this, you can try putting a towel or a blanket over your lap to protect it when your cat sits with you. For more information about cat behavior, talk to your Staten Island cat hospital.

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