Why Does My Cat Love to Sleep in Small Spaces?

Any cat owner knows that if they can’t find their cat they should start looking between the couch cushions, within the cardboard boxes in the closet or even inside the bathroom sink. Cats love to curl up into the tiniest, cramped enclosed spaces when they are sleeping. In fact, when you do a Google search you can find some pretty hilarious pictures of cats dozing in strange places including flower pots and serving dishes.

It might seem like a very strange behavior to you and me, but there is a good reason why cats do this and it has to do with their instincts. (If you want to learn more about your cat’s behavior, talk to your Staten Island veterinarians)

When cats want to do into a deep sleep, they know that they are making themselves vulnerable to attack and letting down their guard. When they retreat into an enclosed ‘den’ they are much safer and protected from attack. Your cat will especially like small spaces that have at least three sides, as these will be very inviting places to crawl into where they can make themselves at home. If their enclosure has a top to it, they will feel even more safe and comfortable.

Another theory as to why cats do this is that curling up in a small space is a lot warmer. They can cuddle up into a small ball and use their body heat to keep warm. Curling up within a box makes them feel snug and cozy.

An Important Safety Tip From Staten Island Veterinarians

The only problem with this cat habit of sleeping in small spaces is that it can sometimes be dangerous for your feline friend if he chooses to sleep in the wrong spot. For example, sometimes cats like to sleep within the engine of a car or wiggle their way inside electrical appliances, which can be dangerous and can result in a trip to the emergency Staten Island veterinarians. Keep an eye out for your cat at all times and ask your Staten Island veterinarians for tips on keeping him safe.

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