Veterinary Services and Comprehensive Pet Health CareOur pets bring so much to our lives, it is only natural that we want to provide the best possible care for them when they are sick or injured. At Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital, we take great pride in providing the latest in animal medical care. We offer a full range of veterinary services to care for every medical need your beloved pet many encounter.

General Veterinary Health Care

Proactive veterinary care is essential to the overall health of our canine and feline companions. Pet wellness exams, vaccinations, regular pet dental checkups and cleaningspet nutritional counseling, and treatment of those itchy, scratchy skin problems go a long way toward keeping our pets happy and healthy.

Veterinary Diagnostics

Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital is equipped to handle a full range of veterinary diagnostic services. Our extensive state-of-the-art, in-house laboratory provides same-day results on blood profiles, urinalysis, and fecal examinations.

Our X-ray and ultrasound capabilities allow us to gain valuable information on the inner workings of your pet’s bodily systems, providing a high degree of clarity when examining organ, muscle, and bone function in your pet housemates.

Veterinary Treatment

Once diagnosed, our skilled and compassionate veterinarians will discuss the treatment options with you. Based on your pet’s specific medical concerns, treatment may include pharmaceuticals, surgery, or nutritional counseling.

Animal Hospital Staten Island

We are conveniently located in the Pleasant Plains section of Staten Island. Residents of Staten Island, New Jersey and Brooklyn will find visiting our facility convenient with lots of free parking and a staff that will treat your pet as if it were their own.