Could you be making mistakes when feeding your precious felines? There are many common cat-feeding blunders which can result in health problems in your pet and visits to the Staten Island veterinary hospital. If you can avoid the following mistakes when feeding your cat, you can help your kitty friend to stay fit and healthy.

Healthy Cat Feeding Advice from your Staten Island Veterinary Hospital


Obesity happens to be the most common nutritional disease in felines and overfeeding your cat can be the cause of many health problems including arthritis, heart problems, urinary tract disease and more. Our cats are simply eating more calories than they use, especially if they are simply sleeping on the couch all day. Talk to your Staten Island veterinary hospital about choosing the right food to help your cat lose weight healthily.

Feeding Only Dry Food

Cats evolved from ancestors that lived in the desert, which means that they don’t have a high thirst drive. Most cats are dehydrated all the time and will not voluntarily drink water like a dog would. Feeding them only dry foods makes them even more dehydrated which can lead to urinary tract problems. Cats have evolved to get their water from food, so moist canned food is much healthier for them.

Making Homemade Cat Food

Well meaning pet owners have tried making cat food for their cats, but it is very difficult to create the right balance of nutrients that your pet needs to be healthy. If the food is too high in tuna or liver this can lead to vitamin A toxicosis. A diet with too much raw fish can decrease the vitamin B1 in the body which can cause brain damage and seizures. If you plan on making your cat’s food, you should follow a properly balanced recipe. Talk to your Staten Island veterinary hospital for more information.

These are just a few of the common mistakes that many cat owners make when feeding their kitties. Make sure you don’t do the same, for the sake of your cat’s health.

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