Danielle B. – Senior Technician

Danielle joined our veterinary medical team in 2013 and is currently obtaining her Veterinary Technician License. She plans to further her career in companion animal medicine with a Veterinary Technician Specialty. Her beloved beagle Rusty has been Danielle’s driving force and main inspiration for her to follow her true passion of becoming a Veterinary Technician. When Danielle isn’t working hard at PPAH she enjoys pampering herself with manicures, massages, going out to eat, and, most importantly…… pampering Rusty!

Danielle is a wonderful addition to our staff and brings love and enthusiasm to the care and treatment of every one of our patients.

Jordan D. – Senior Technician

Jordan DeRosa
Jordan is an extremely dedicated member of our PPAH staff. She became part of the Pleasant Plains technical team in 2014 and with having 15 years prior experience Jordan brings a wealth of compassion and experience to our practice. She holds a particular place in her heart for large breed dogs, grumpy cats and has been a loving mom to many animals and fosters throughout the years. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors Degree in Biology and shares her home with her handsome feline companion, Wesley. We are extremely lucky and excited for her future here with us.

Veronica B. – Senior Technician

Veronica Benanti
Veronica has been an integral part of the team at Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital since 2015. She has earned her BS in bio-psychology with a minor in anthropology. Veronica is currently in school to obtain her Veterinary Technician License. Veronica loves the fast-paced environment of being a technician and plans on furthering her education by obtaining a specialty license in both Dentistry and Ultrasonography. Outside of work, Veronica loves to spend time with her cats Gypsy and Lois, her dog Reese, her hedgehog William, her crested gecko Morgan, her blue tongue skink Miso, and her turtle named Tabby (phew!). She also enjoys a good video game, traveling, and hunting down a great meal at a nice restaurant. One wonderful day a penguin sat on her lap and accidentally bit her because it liked her flowy shirt. She recalls this as “the best day of my life”.

Rayssa S. – Senior Technician

Rayssa’s passion for animal care and veterinary medicine first sparked when she spent time volunteering at various animal shelters. She joined our team at PPAH in 2015, and we are so lucky to have her! After many years in companion animal care, she went on to complete a certification course for Licensed Veterinary Assistant. She has continued her education and growth within the medical field with a Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering. Currently, Rayssa is working on her Veterinary Technician License. If working with us and perusing her LVT wasn’t enough, Rayssa added a beautiful little boy to her family this past year! She is also mom to a group of loyal pups: Molly, Teddy, Angel and, Roxy. And of course, we can not forget her lovely feline companion Troy.

Amanda B. – Technician Assistant / Client Service Representative

Amanda is another jack of all trades, she is an integral part of both our technical and client service teams! She has been with us since 2015, but her passion for veterinary medicine started long before that. Amanda began her veterinary path by volunteering with an equine mediated mental health rehabilitation center. She recently received her bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in Sign Language. Amanda is also looking to continue her career in Veterinary Medicine by pursuing a Veterinary Technician License. Amanda’s little family consists of tiny Bailey (a Poodle mix), Dutchess (a German Shepard), and Bean and Nacho (two sugar gliders). We are so happy that Amanda is part of the team here at PPAH!

Mariann G. – Technician Assistant

Mariann joined our team at PPAH in 2016, and she has been impressing us ever since. She is currently enrolled in a pre-veterinary program and will be pursuing her DVM in the near future. When she isn’t at work or school, Mariann spends her time volunteering at a local Horse Rescue. She also has past experience as a volunteer at the Staten Island Zoo because she loves exotics! Mariann practically has a zoo at home with an array of fluffy and fuzzy friends. Her many pets include an African Gray Parrot named Birdy, three cats named Cubby, Pepper, and Buster, and four dogs named Chip, Alpha, Tita, and Xena! After a long day of work, Mariann likes to go to the gym, play basketball and walk her many dogs.

Cristina B. – Technician Assistant

Veronica Benanti
Cristina has been a member of the PPAH Technical Team since 2017. She is currently in veterinary technician school working towards obtaining her LVT. Despite being bitten by a dog at the age of 1, Cristina developed a deep connection with dogs and all animals! Her grandfather has a farm in Puerto Rico, so her earliest memories of interacting with animals are being chased by chickens or being licked by cows. Her hobbies include indoor gardening, cooking for her co-workers and watching parrot videos on youtube. She also has a cat named Sadie, nicknamed “the brattiest tortoiseshell ever”. Cristina is hoping to participate in The Sato Projects “Spayathon” in Puerto Rico this year. The Sato Project is a non-profit animal group that picks up stray dogs off the streets of Puerto Rico and provides them free veterinary care, the dogs are then flown to the U.S. to be adopted out. Cristina is a dedicated and talented member of the PPAH team!

Daniella C. – Technician Assistant

Daniella started out volunteering at PPAH in the summer of 2017. She always knew she wanted to work with animals and has said that the minute she stepped into PPAH she knew becoming a DVM was the right path. Daniella loves everything the veterinary field as to offer and is always eager to learn new skills. She is currently enrolled at the College of Staten Island majoring in Biology with a concentration in Behavior, Evolution, and Ecology. After graduation, she hopes to obtain a Masters Degree and then get accepted into Veterinary School! When she’s not at work, her hobbies include yoga, hiking, reading, and spending time with friends and family.

Lisa W. – Technician Assistant

Lisa comes to us with a varying range of veterinary medical knowledge and experiences. With 17 years of experience in various outlets, she brings a wealth of knowledge and patient compassion to our team. Lisa enjoys both exotic and companion animal medicine and finds she is very passionate about radiology, dentistry, and patient care. She plans on enrolling in a Veterinary Technician licensing program in the near future. When not caring for PPAH patients and their families, she enjoys spending as much time as she can with her own family, which include her husband, four children, seven cats, two dogs, Norma Jean and her favorite Pomeranian son, Cheese. We are so excited to have Lisa as part of our growing team!

Danielle I. – Technician Assistant

Danielle has been an integral part of the PPAh Technical Team since 2016. Danielle is currently enrolled in the College of Staten Island working towards a Bachelors Degree in Biology. She aspires to take on veterinary school and further devote herself to rescuing neglected animals. Her dream is to open a no-kill sanctuary for all species. Her beloved pets have always been her pride and purpose, (which consists of: dogs, cats, rats, rabbits, fish, snails, a horse, and a blind leopard gecko!) Danielle has been volunteering for P.LU.TO Rescue for over 8 years. She has enjoyed horseback riding since she was 6 years old and has a special place in her heart for elderly, disabled, and behavioral issue animals. Danielle cares for the horses and chickens of Into The Woods Equestrian Center. She participates in a program for disabled children at the stables. When she isn’t at work, school, volunteering, or taking care of her pets- you can find her on the trails with her horse Chase.

Yamilette S. – Technician Assistant

Yamilette came to PPAH by chance in 2018 through a work-learn program, and we were so lucky she did! After her program ended she came on board with us as a Kennel Technician and now is on staff as a Technician Assistant. Yamilette remembers wanting to be a veterinarian when she was 6 years old, but lost track of that dream as she got older. Since being at PPAH, Yamilette has said that she is inspired again, and is now motivated to enroll in school to become a Veterinary Technician. One of her hobbies is doing faux calligraphy because she loves the art of hand lettering. Yamilette also has the goal to obtain a Ph.D. in forensic psychology. At home, she spends her time giving all her adoration to her two-year-old chihuahua, Lola.