There are many advantages to keeping your cat indoors and your veterinarian NYC will let you know that it will significantly extend the life of your cat. Feline friends who spend most of their time outdoors are more likely to get into accidents, fight with other cats, contract diseases, fall prey to wild animals and be subjected to animal cruelty. Roaming cats can also be an annoyance to your neighbours if they are always digging in their gardens or preying on songbirds. Your veterinarian NYC recommends that you to keep your cat primarily indoors to keep them healthier and safer.

However, it is important to make sure that your indoor cat has enough stimulation to keep it interested and alert otherwise it can become depressed and lethargic. You can do this by playing with your cat as well as creating a fun and interesting environment that encourages him to run and play.

Here are some tips for keeping your indoor cat entertained and active:

  • Make sure that there are plenty of high perches on windows and shelves where your kitty can sit and watch everything happening in the house, or watch the wildlife outside.
  • Offer your cat a good quality scratching post so that he will not destroy the furniture with his instinctual urge to scratch.
  • Did you know that they make ‘cat videos’ which have footage of birds and small mammals? Your cat will watch the screen with fascinating for ages!
  • Play with your cat every day. You don’t need to have a lot of expensive toys, as your cat loves anything that moves unpredictably such as a crumbled up piece of paper or hair elastic.
  • Tape a string from the ceiling and let it hang around two feet from the ground so that your cat can hit it back and forth. Attach a small ball or toy to the end of it.

For more ideas to improve the life of your indoor cat, contact your veterinarian NYC.

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