It is natural for puppies to nip, mouth and bite things while they are playing and when they play with people they will often be tempted to bite and chew on hands and clothing. Although this can be adorable when they are tiny puppies, it is a behavior that you want to discourage because it could be dangerous when your dog becomes full grown. If your dog bites as an adult, contact your Staten Island animal hospital for tips.

Never hit your puppy while you are training them, they don’t understand the behavior and will become afraid of you. Instead, your Staten Island animal hospital recommends that you encourage acceptable behavior and discourage any unacceptable behavior.

When you watch groups of puppies playing together you will see that they bite each other in many ways, chasing, pouncing and wrestling. If one of the puppies bites too hard, the victim will yelp loudly to let them know that they need to be gentler. A new puppy hasn’t learned yet that human skin is sensitive and that he needs to be careful. Therefore you need to teach your puppy to be gentle with you.

Help Your Puppy Learn that Biting is Not Okay – Tips from Your Staten Island Animal Hospital

To do this, you need to put on your acting skills and make your puppy feel like he is hurting you when he bites you. This is the way that dogs figure things out between themselves, so it works well. Whenever your puppy bites you, yet out a high pitched yelp of pain (even though it doesn’t really hurt) to make them think that they have gone too far and hurt you. They will be startled and taken aback and they will stop biting right away. They might even try to lick you to apologize and “make it better”.

Afterwards, walk away from your pup for a while and ignore them. Your puppy will learn that if he pays too rough then his playmate will go away. A little while later, you can start playing with your puppy again and repeat the behavior until he learns that biting you is not alright.  For more puppy training help, contact your Staten Island animal hospital.

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